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Today was a good day! 

Last night… not so much.

This is the face my paintings were seeing because NOTHING was going the way I wanted it to.  I had to walk away as the words of Scarlett ran through my head,  “Tomorrow is another day…”.





it got loud. 

It was colorful, spontaneous, and



Here is what I accomplished today! 

These are paintings #34-39 for the project, Second Chances, all in progress.


2 dogs

kirby tumblr_npfb2lpcfj1una576o1_540 tumblr_npg59tYdUM1una576o1_1280 tumblr_npg58pbhWF1una576o1_540


So in love with ALL THE COLORS!  I can’t wait to finish them all up.  Since I am a bit of a binge painter, it may not happen until the end of the weekend.  But, they are off to a great start!


If you are not following along with the project and want to, just visit my Tumblr blog.  It is all about the project, all the time, as the paintings happen!  You can also keep up on my Facebook page (like and comment enough and you could also win FREE ART and major discounts on custom paintings!)  Oh, and if you are an Instagram person, you can also check me out over there!   

I’m EVERYWHERE!  I really need an unpaid assistant to help me keep up!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and all the interaction on my sites! 


– Shaina