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If  it is one thing I have learned since becoming a full time artist, it is that people LOVE their West Highland White Terriers.  

I am not sure I have met a group of people so passionate about a breed of dog!  

I have never been a “little” dog person, but I can tell you after painting so many of these little angels and learning all about them through stories told by their owners/rescuers…

I get it Westie lovers.

 I. Get. It.

These dogs are AMAZING!  Little firecrackers with such a range in personalities, most seeming to be VERY social!  They are not obnoxious little yappers that most assume small dogs are.  They are HUNTERS!  Might I add the speed at which they run is UNBELIEVABLE!  I really think a Cheetah may have a race on its hands!!!  

I first learned about these personality- plus pups when my BFF had me paint her MIL’s Westie, Shakti.  Shakti’s mom also runs New York Westie Rescue.  Passionate, doesn’t even begin to explain how she feels about this breed.  It seems that, like all the Westie owners I have met, once they have a Westie, that is it.  Game over.  There are in love.

I have to thank Josi and NYWR for my explosion in Westie paintings 🙂  Since working with their rescue, donating paintings for auctions and such, I have found a few GREAT animal rescues that have helped my business grow.  I get to paint AND help animals near and dear to my heart including Maine Coon cats and Labs!  

But, again, I don’t think I have met a group of people as passionate about their pets as Westie people!!!  

They take it to a whole new level.

Here are my latest paintings of three Westies for a wonderful customer I met through NYWR.  All different, and I think their personalities totally come through in these paintings.  

Bet you can guess which ones are the shy and sweet, and which one comes across as royalty. 

Gracie, Pogue and Hunter!

5 x 7 watercolor on Yupo paper    Hunter Final!WM copy    Jack-WM

Last but not least, added to the collection a few months later, Chloe.  She passed years ago, but the owner said the group would not be complete without here.  Agreed.


If you want donate and help this special breed out, please visit NYWR at 

visit their website at    

They are a wonderful rescue, doing an amazing job to save these little guys!