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Sometimes, a pet’s personality just pours through a painting.


Recently I had three pups to paint, which are part of ‘Second Chances’,  and they were all “speaking” to me.




I really had a hard time turning off the voices while I was painting.  See if you have the same problem when you look at them.

So expressive!


Carly – happy go-lucky, fun and playful

Carly! WM

“AWESOME!  I love the cheery color, and pink is my FAVORITE!  Are you done yet?  I want to go play!!!”


Lizette – proper, a tad high maintenance 

Lizette! WM

“Did you get my eyes right?  Yes, they have to be the perfect shade of  Aqua – not too much green and not too much blue, with a touch of gold.  Make sure you capture my poise.  A lady always sits up straight, you know. ”


Darby – melter- of- hearts, kind, gentle, and totally loveable

Darby! WM

” My mom is going to love these so much!  You are doing great!  Let me know if you need anything – a nose lick, some cuddles.  I just want to make sure you don’t have any stress!”


It was so much fun paintings these “siblings” for Donna.

I hope they all enjoy their paintings for years to come.

What an adorable group!

Donna Francis pups


All these portraits are part of my project, ‘Second Chances’.  It was successfully funded through  After I complete all the paintings, the entire collection of 72 rescued pet portraits will be published in my next book!  There is a link on my home page!