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 Because photographing your event is so yesterday!

I am so excited about this new adventure!  I am now offering live painting at special events.

This is where I set up my easel at your event (weddings, fund raisers, anniversary parties, birthdays, corporate events) and paint a large canvas piece in acrylics as the event is happening!  Guests get to watch the painting unfold and interact with me through the event!

This can be of the actual event, or something of meaning from a special moment that coordinates with the event (think engagement portraits, the brides bouquet, a new home, a classic wedding shot for an anniversary party, a travel painting, or a special building).

I am hoping to be able to create a few quick watercolor sketches as well, which will be part of a package or that guests can purchase!

20 x 24 / $600

24 x 24 / $750

24 x 30 / $1000

30 x 30 / $1300

Prices include travel expenses (within 50 miles of Clemson, SC), original canvas painting of the event, and 6-8 hours of painting.

Travel distance of 75-150 miles, +$150.

Larger sizes available upon request!

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– Decide to add the entertainment of live painting to your special day, and an original painting of the event to take home!  50% deposit will be required and signing of contract.

– We will discuss which details and/or moments you would like me to focus on in your painting (we will have a consultation one month before your event)


– I will arrive 2-3 hours before the event to set up (I only need about a 4′ x 4′ space), take a few photos, and begin laying out the architectural elements and/or  background of your painting

– I will then paint during your entire event, entertaining your guests as they watch me work!  I will be happy to answer any questions they have.

– If the painting is complete by the end of your event, to our satisfaction, you can take it with you!  If I need to take it back to my studio and complete final details, shipping of $75 will be added, or you can pick it up from my studio!

– balance amount will be due on or before the day of your event

Have any questions?  Just ask!  You can email me anytime at


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