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In The Zone

In the last 5 days:

– FIVE paintings completed

– FOUR new orders, one of which is 2/3 of my average monthly income

– FOUR new sketches started – the ink part complete (did those all today)


Hoping it keeps going!  (and knocking on wood, now)

Besides the rush order, I am having to let people know that their paintings may take a tad longer than usual because I am in the middle of this amazing rescued pet project, which has a deadline.  Speaking of, I am HALFWAY done with the painting part!  I will be taking two short vacations this month, which may put me a little behind.  But, if I can have another painting spree like this one, I will surely catch up.


So, this nice woman finds me on ETSY and says that her mother has favorite a few of my paintings.  She wants a special gift for her mom’s birthday coming up, so the siblings want to go in together and order a portrait.

The catch – the photo was taken in Hawaii and it is of 14 family members AND she needs it in 10 days.

I always love a challenge and I also love big paychecks like this one would be, so I told her I would do it!  I am having a blast and it is going easier than expected, even though what you see below has taken me over 4 hours to complete.  She also informed me this morning that her mom may be contacting me to have the exact same photo painted, and to nicely put her off if she contacts me, LOL!  I really hope they record the mom’s reaction to this painting at the party, and her daughter deserves a prize for being a Gift Whisperer!

16 x 20 mixed media sketch.  The ink is done and has to dry for 24 hours before I add watercolor.


So many fingers and toes!  Of course they are all wearing flip-flops. Ugh!   However, they are all stunningly beautiful, so that helps.



I am loving all the words of encouragement on my FB page!  Keep it up!  It is working 😉


– ‘Second Chances’ , the book, will hopefully be completed and mailed out the first of July

– My next project, ‘Sketch The World’ will be launching sometime in August!  Get your travel photos ready!!!  There will be a book of all the paintings AND a BONUS CALENDAR!  Maybe a good Christmas gift?

Which leads me to…

– Never too early to think about CHRISTMAS ORDERS!  I book up fast, and with two projects back-to-back, you need to get on the list.  I am sure I will be running some sales for early orders starting in October (same as last year).  Come early, SAVE MORE!

– My MONTHLY BIGGEST FAN GIVEAWAY is always going on!  Interact and share often –  win FREE ART!  Simple.


Thank you for all of the support!  I love reading your comments on my page and feel that I have really gotten to know so many of my fans!  You guys are my cheerleaders and my marketing team 😉

I would pay you but,


I kinda do!   (hint:  MBFG)



I leave you with Phetzer, the party dog!  Like him, I also hope to be wearing a flower necklace with an added frosty beverage in my hand next week 🙂

Phetzer! WM