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So, I cried while reading another thank you email today.


I do this a lot.  I can only imagine what it is like on the other end.

I don’t think there is any better feeling and sense of accomplishment than a happy customer going into detail about WHY they love a painting I have done for them so much.  

People say the nicest things.  

I love hearing how much they will treasure a piece I have painted.  Especially, a memorial painting.  It is like I get to bring back a piece of a loved one, which they can look at on their wall every day and smile.  I smile too just thinking about it.


Why can’t they just hang a photo to get the same effect, you ask?


There is just something very different about a painting.  

A  painter has taken the time to study EVERY detail of your loved one’s face or special photo of a place you have been, even a photo of a flower you have taken.  They have spent hours trying to capture the ESSENCE of that special photo –  get the eyes just right, the warped boards of a barn, the crooked smile, the color, the playful ears, the dimple in the chin, the look of the breeze blowing through the trees…all from a simple photo.  Some, I might add, not the best quality.  The artist hasn’t met the subject or traveled to the same place, and usually doesn’t know anything about it EXCEPT that you love the subject of the painting, or you love the person you are giving the special painting to as a gift.  

I believe this all comes through in the art.

 You now have a piece of the artist hanging on your wall.

Every brush stroke is unique to THAT artist, just as every detail of your loved one’s face or the moment in time of a travel photo, is unique.  It is almost a blending of two souls. 

There is something that makes that extra special.

 It makes people cry.  

A lot.

Including me.

 Every face has a story.  

Thank you for sharing your stories with me and letting me paint the people, pets, and places you love.

 I am honored that you trust me this much. 

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?