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I have just recently come to “meet” a wonderful lady, Pat, who commissioned portraits of her fur babies.  

Here is how she described them:

‘I have 3 dogs now – Ellie is 7 yrs and a big light for my husband – she is a very sweet Bichon/Maltese.  We also have 5 yr old female Westie, Jack, and now just  a couple weeks ago adopted a puppy mill rescue who is 8 yrs.  Annie –  a huge waggy -tail loving girl. ‘

She also ended the email with this:

“…your work is beautiful and I too love wine!”

I knew she was awesome from that first email.

Her story about rescuing Annie from a puppy mill in the following emails was very touching and a serious tear-jerker.  She, like many other people, had purchased a dog from a pet store in the past.  She had since learned lots about puppy mills and decided she wanted to help.  So, she found and rescued Annie, who was saved from a puppy mill.  She delayed sending pictures to me for the portrait, as she was waiting on Annie’s hair to grow back in from rubbing on her cage at the mill.  She also  had many other problems including major dental issues from chewing on the cage, but, as Pat said, Annie , “just looks so loving and grateful.  She is still afraid but is fitting in nicely…”

Stories like this just break my heart, but also make me smile because these dogs can now have an amazing life with loving owners who, no matter what their past, will treat these dogs like royalty…and they don’t have to be scared anymore.

I have enjoyed working with Pat and getting to know her dogs.  They are a lucky crew!  She even learned a few things about them through my paintings, LOL!

Sometime you just have to make a difference one dog at a time.

So, here they are!

Jack, Ellie and little Annie!

 Jack-WM   Ellie-WM  Annie final-WM


I hope they all approve of their portraits.   What a group…

I can’t wait to see how Pat frames and hangs them!