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Disappearances, Broken Legs, Teeth, and Blue Moons

This has been the week from hell….just gonna get right to it.  But, to set your mind at ease right away, if you backed my Second Chances project, your book will still be to you very soon.  If it isn’t, it will be no fault of mine.

So, let’s get to it.

My week:   It started with all saved copies of the completed 42 page book disappearing from my computer.  Then yesterday, my mom fell and broke her leg, and my LO lost a tooth but apparently swallowed it. Thankfully, my family is on “vacation” during all of this (by vacation, I mean back in our old city trying to clean up and rent out our duplex), so I am able to work through all this craziness with one of my best friends and wine.  Also, things usually happen in 3’s, so it is hopefully over. The Blue Moon last night was amazing, however, gravity is not working with us very well.

The Book

I was working on finalizing and ordering a copy for myself to edit in person on Monday night.   I work with a program called BookWrite through, which I had to download to my computer. The program was giving me issues (being slow), so I saved and quit, like I have done about 200 times during this process.  I went to work on it the next morning and not a single saved copy could I find – not one from the day before, a week before, or even a month before.  I usually back things up, but with this program, I have trouble opening the back-up…so, I didn’t have a current backup.  I have, of course, been emailing customer service and not really getting anywhere.  For some reason they are not grasping that the book is G.O.N.E. They are treating it like I am having trouble saving it and taking 24 hours to get back to me each time.  Not happy about that either, and it is very unlike them.  This coming Monday, a computer “genius” friend will be combing through my hard drive to try to locate it.  I mean, it HAS to be somewhere, right?  Plan C, is just to hope my memory doesn’t fail me and start the entire book over.  If I have to do that, I am going to shoot for about 3 days to get it done.I have cried, screamed, and thrown things ( the computer being on the top of that list).  I have also resolved that purchasing a MAC will be the result of my next project, because screw all this happening again.

My Mom’s Leg

She fell.  She lives 6 ½ hours away, which I hate.  She is also very embarrassed about all of it.  However, she needs help considering she lives in a 3 story house, has a huge Lab, and runs her own landscaping business.  I will be working hard to solve the book thing immediately, so I can drive into town and help her out for at least a week before my LO starts school.

The Tooth

Probably the least significant, but upsetting because I am a saver of all things, including teeth. This is the second one she has lost and it is really lost. That sucks.

So, there it is.  I am apologizing to my backers and thanking you for your patients.  Everything was going so smoothly, and I really hated writing this.

Hopefully I will have better news next week…and a better week in general.