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 I know I am probably confusing you guys with all these themes, but sometimes my ideas just take off and I gotta go with it!  

This is what was on my brain while I had a little time before starting all these awesome rescued pet portraits.



Wow!  You guys are amazing and sent some fabulous travel photos!  I wish I could paint them all!!!

If I did paint one of yours, you can have the original for 50% OFF.  They are all 5 x 7 or 4 x 7, so $30 or less!

THANK YOU for helping me expand my portfolio and get some examples ready for my next project, Sketch the World, which is launching in August.   I hope you will all support my next project and book!  This one is going to be a blast!

** If you do purchase your painting, it will BE IN MY NEXT BOOK, which will also be discounted for you if you back the project when it launches! **


I was given a few photos of places around London, and I wish I could paint them all.  I chose this one because I loved the angle and detail.  It is of the clock tower,  Midland Hotel, St. Pancras Station.  Beautiful.

Parliament Final! WM

‘London’ – 4 x 6 mixed media sketch



So excited about these piece for a few reasons:

A) it is my first sketch of anywhere in Israel
B) the photo is from a very kind customer, Raizy, who lives in Israel and I am so excited that we have crossed paths
C) I am a history junky, but don’t remember ever learning of Mesada and Herod’s Palace overlooking the Dead Sea.  How could I have missed this in all of my history, culture and art history courses??? So, I got to do research which is always fun!!!
D) the photo is awesome!
The palace was constructed by King Herod around 37 BCE to protect the western side of Jerusalem. So many awesome things about this place, like how the heck they supplied water for everyone in the fortress! Oh, and these birds are Tristam’s starlings – very friendly and will eat out of the tourists’ hands!

Things I think people should take away from these paintings – Explore and absorb all you can about this world and the people in it. There is amazing beauty in knowledge, understanding and tolerance.

Masada WM

‘Masada’ – 5 x 7 mixed media sketch


Masada from Raizy

Western Wall WM

The Western Wall, Jerusalem 4 x 6 mixed media sketch


I think if I could live anywhere in the world, it may be Italy.  I have only visited once, but fell in love.  I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain and am still waiting to return.

Trevi Fountain WM

Trevi Fountain, Rome 5 x 7 mixed media sketch



Ruins WM

Roman ruins in Sicily ‘Days Gone By’ – 5 x 7 mixed media sketch


The reference photo for the Capitol was taken by the customer’s grandfather back in 1959.  History times two.  Love.

‘Capitol 59’ – 4 x 6 mixed media sketch

Golden Gate WM

San Francisco ‘Golden Gate’ – 5 x 7 mixed media sketch

Valley of Fire WM

Nevada ‘Valley of Fire’ – 5 x 7 mixed media sketch


Penguin WM

‘Antarctic Adventure’ – 4 x 6 mixed media sketch


From what I understand, I was one of the last people to climb to the top of this amazing step pyramid.  After our visit in the summer of 2002 (I believe), they stopped allowing the public to climb the stairs.  What a view and you feel so connected to, yet disconnected from the past.  Ancient people definitely observed the world around them on a different level.  I wish we still did the same, but we are all too busy with our head in our phones and computers.

Chichen Itza WM

Chichen Itza, Mexico 5 x 7 mixed media sketch


Eiffle Tower WM

Eiffel Tower, Paris 5 x 7 mixed media sketch


Thank you so much for the amazing photos and all of the support!  These sketches make me miss traveling so much!  There are so many things I still want to see and places I can’t wait to show my daughter.  Traveling changes you for the better, no matter the experience…and I have had some crazy ones.  Keep exploring and get ready to send me more photos in August/September!