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WHEW!  What an intense 30 days!!!!   I am very grateful for my friends, family, fan and customer base who helped make my latest Kickstarter project a HUGE SUCCESS! I CAN’T WAIT TO START PAINTING YOUR RESCUED PETS STARTING APRIL 1! After all the stress of running a campaign, advertising, marketing, emailing, messaging, making videos, and all the other things that go with having a successful Kickstarter project, I am taking off until I start officially working on the project. Kinda. I couldn’t help but start on my next project idea because I finally have the brain space to envision more of what I want it to be like, and apparently I can’t not work. SKETCH THE WORLD, will be launching sometime in August.  The paintings and book will be wrapped up to leave me a little time for Holiday orders.  Thanks to my awesome fans sending me travel photos to reference, I have already started building my portfolio of travel sketches for examples in my next project.  I will be taking photos until April 1, and if I choose to sketch yours, you can buy the original for 50% OFF!  They will all be 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 so that will make them only $30 or less!  If you want them in my next book, you will have to back my project 😉 Here are some I have completed so far, and some that are in progress! I am having so much fun sketching all these architectural detail and elements of nature!  It is a nice break from portraits, which I will be up to my eyeballs in soon! 🙂    I think changing it up actually improves my skills as an artist.     SOME STATS! My rescued pet portrait campaign on Kickstarter, Second Chances, closed with – $5336 – 71 backers (73 if I count those who didn’t go through Kickstarter) – 65+ portraits for the book – was 762% funded  (my initial goal was $700 which would cover about 10 paintings and very short book) The Kickstarter Early Release Party on FB brought in 10 portraits for the book and around $1100.  I still have about $300 coming in for small 5 x 7 sketches pledged for on Kickstarter.  So, overall I would say this project was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! I BEAT my last Kickstarter project by 14 backers and close to $1000! Even though after fees, expenses and taxes I only make about 20% of that grand total, the security of having work for a few months is AWESOME!  On a side note – self marketing is HARD! Thank you for keeping me busy!  Please keep it up!!! CHEERS! #dreamjob  #artbiz  #sketchtheworld    ...

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Ambition – gift and curse

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THE DEFINITION OF AMBITION – a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.   Let me go ahead and preface this blog with a THANK YOU TO ALL MY SUPPORTERS!  Whether you interact on my page, share my work, commission my art, have backed this project (and/or the last) – I AM GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF YOU.  Without you, I wouldn’t be painting at all.    That being said, I am a tad competitive (especially with myself) when it comes to…..well, everything.   My last Kickstarter project reached $5966 with 57 backers, which gave me steady work for 3 months, then a book to make (I was also taking regular commissions). In order for this latest project to feel successful to me (and for me not to feel like a failure as an artist), it HAS to surpass the last.  Has. To.  How do I do that?  How do I WORK HARDER to make that happens?  More importantly – how do I do that without going broke with ad fees, over spamming people, or basically just coming across as a begging, starving artist?  NOT the look I am going for. I know, I know….I need to celebrate any successes, accept failure and grow, etc., etc.. My project was a “success” in less than 48 hours.  However, as you see, I have set my own unwritten success goals. I even read this fabulous article yesterday, “11 Things That Scare Creative Artists (and what you can do about).   One of the first things mentioned, “Failure”.  I can read as many articles as I want and use “positive self talk” all day long…but, success means doing better (than before or better than others) and reaching goals – just the way the world works.   I SHOULD BE GROWING  and GETTING BETTER AS AN ARTIST.  BUT, HOW DO I JUDGE THAT????    One of the few ways I can – how many people commission my art. So, you see why 22 backers out of 6600 fans FEELS like a failure. Yes, this is only day 5 and the project has 26 days left.  Yes, it has met the minimum goal. But, it is not an IMPROVEMENT from my last project….yet. And I won’t feel successful until it is.  Period.  And if it isn’t successful, I will of course blame myself and go through a million “what if I…”, “I should have…” scenarios.  Hate that.   ON A POSITIVE NOTE!  – THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BACKED THE PROJECT EARLY and/or  SHARED IT – We have just entered DAY 5 of the project and have 26 DAYS LEFT! – the MINIMUM goal of $700 was met and we are now at 327% funded  (the more funds the more paintings painted and featured in the book, I have a personal goal of $7000 which would cover 100 paintings and the book) – 22 backers – pledges for 26/100 rescued pet portraits – remember my GOAL IS 100 that I will paint in 100 days! – STILL SOME EARLY BIRD SPECIALS LEFT! Head on over and check it out!!!! ANY pledge will be REWARDED and I am grateful for EVERY BACKER.  Remember, BACKERS MATTER!     DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT ALL THIS “KICKSTARTER” STUFF, OR HOW TO BACK A PROJECT? ***  Here is a quick video thanking backers and EXPLAINING more about Kickstarter! ***  Don’t even know how to begin to back a project?  Click HERE to find out HOW TO BACK A PROJECT, STEP BY STEP – Another quick video I made to explain it all in under 3 minutes!   READY TO JOIN THE FUN AND BE A PART OF THE PROJECT?  I...

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Less than 48 HOURS!!!

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Less than 48 HOURS until my second Kickstarter project GOES LIVE!!!! I am already nervous.  Not as nervous as when I hit the “launch” button because then it is real. What if I don’t get many backers. What if I don’t get ANY backers? How many of my fans even know what Kickstarter is??? What if I don’t reach my goal and I am on Kickstarter FOREVER labeled “UNSUCCESSFUL”?! Basically, What if I FAIL???  Let’s not let that happen! You guys are AMAZING as my marketing team, and well, this is marketing.  The 10% of my funds that Kickstarter and Amazon take, I like to think of as a marketing fee just to be seen on this HUGE site.  Kickstarter is a fabulous platform for creative people to get their projects funded. (What is Kickstarter?)  But, they are just the platform.  It is not magic and IT IS ALL OR NOTHING! I NEED YOUR HELP! TOGETHER the creator and the backers make projects happen. I am just gonna put it out there.  I have over 6, 000 fans on Facebook alone and have had hundreds of good customers.  I had 57 backers for my last project. Fifty.  Seven. Yes, they put me WELL over my goal (it was 397% funded with a goal of $1500), I got to paint over 60 paintings and create an amazing book with over 70 paintings! But….57? I am so THANKFUL for each and every backer (you guys rock!)  I just wonder what I did wrong to not have more fans join the project. Keep in mind that number also included 5 family members. I would love to hit 100 BACKERS this time! Remember, even if you donate $1,  you are a backer, will get a reward and are PART of the projects success!   (Yes.  ONE DOLLAR to show your support would be amazing)   I set my goal low (only $700 this time), because if a project doesn’t reach goal, it doesn’t happen.  So, as a creator, you want to put the bare minimum needed.  Since I already have 10 of the paintings to go in the book because of my Early Release Sale, it made sense to choose that amount.  However, if the project reaches the goal I have set, that will only be about 20 paintings for the book.  Remember, I am shooting for 100 and a FULL book of rescued pet portraits! Also, the more backers I have and money my project raises, the more people see me on Kickstarter, which could lead to attention from the creators and if I made it on the coveted “Staff Pick” or “Project of the Day” list…WHOA…that would be so amazing and even MORE people would see me because I would be highlighted on the main page!  (Yes I realize that was one giant run-on sentence) Point being – ARE YA WITH ME???? Plus, there is something in it for excitement junkies.  I equate it to betting on horse racing.  Once you back a project, it is so much fun to see what happens – watch the number of backers and donations amounts go up (the gates open!),  the suspense of not knowing how much the project will raise and if it will meet goal in time (will your horse win?), and watching the clock tick down from 48 hours left to go (the final stretch)!  Also, to know that you are part of the project and without YOU it wouldn’t succeed, feels pretty good! Thank you ALL for your support in advance.  Since this project is all about rescued pets, it is super special to me!  I really hope I get to paint 100 rescued pets!  Here...

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I have come to realize that I am a storyteller in many ways, and I help bring memories to life through watercolor. Every once in a while a commission comes along that will never be forgotten.  Ever. This is about one of those. Cyndy contacted me when I ran the huge sale for 30% off during my Kickstarter Early Release Party.  Ten lucky people could get in on the action early and get their rescued pet painted and included in the upcoming book.  She wanted a portrait of their sweet rescued cat, Henri.  As we chatted over email deciding on which photo to use, I learned more about her family.  She has two daughters, and her oldest daughter was the one who brought Henri home.  She was dropping off some towels to the local rescue and saw cute little Henri who had been returned.  Heartbreaking.  Someone just didn’t understand that kittens were active, apparently.  So, she came home with a kitten. Cyndy found room with her other rescues, and they fell in love with Henri immediately. After sending me a few photos, we decided to go with a cute 5 x 7 sketch of Henri, but I just kept coming back to the one she sent me of her daughter with the cat. I was assuming it was the daughter who rescued him.  It wasn’t, and Cyndy, because there may be some jealousy stirred up, preferred I didn’t paint that one.  Her oldest daughter already thought they were taking over her kitty because they were home more than her, LOL!  Well, they must have discussed it because I got an email shortly after letting me know that both the daughters agreed that photo was the cutest.   So, she upgraded to a two figure 8 x 10 sketch. After printing the photo and sketching it out, I just couldn’t seem to get started with the pen and ink part.  I wasn’t feeling it.  I went ahead and decided to do a full watercolor.  Of course I had no intention of charging Cyndy for the upgrade, I just had to do these two justice and I wasn’t seeing it with pen and ink lines.  There was a glow about them that just couldn’t be captured with ink. The painting went so smoothly!  It almost painted itself.  That rarely happens.   I really didn’t have trouble with a single part of it and just enjoyed painting the entire piece.  I LOVED the outcome! There is something special about this painting, and I am so excited for it to be part of the project and in my next book! Usually the final painting is the end of the story. So here I am thinking we are done.   Then, Cyndy casually tells me some additions to the story with an email detailing her daughter’s eye color so I can finish up the painting. It is then that I learn her daughter’s story.  She “had Leukemia at age four, and now has had bone marrow failure for five years and looks beautiful!!!  I believe she is my little miracle”.  Yeah.  Cue tears.  I was totally NOT prepared for that .  I have a four year old now and can’t imagine.  It just made the painting even more special…the fact that we weren’t even going to paint her, all the changes in decisions to make it the painting it turned out to be, the fact that they are essentially BOTH SURVIVORS.  This painting is definitely one of my all-time favorites.   I really can’t put my finger on why – maybe because I am a cat lover, maybe the story, maybe the ease of how this painting almost painted itself, possibly because it is my favorite subject of rescued animals, the overall glow to...

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So many things I LOVE about my job now –  I don’t have to get dressed to go to the office, I have an endless supply of hot coffee on hand all day, I get to be there for my daughter always and I never miss a school performance or pay day because she is sick, I can have a glass of wine on the job, the network of creative people I am now a part of ROCKS, my job IS my therapy, blaring 80’s hair band music is totally allowed at the office,  I don’t have a limited amount of sick days or vacation, I can get to the bank and the post office before they close and the grocery store when it isn’t crowded, I have finally found the time and a way to get more involved with animal rescues, did I mention I don’t have to get dressed to go into the office? Yeah, you can be jealous.  It is ok. I have so much to be grateful for.  It is totally worth the pay cut (I am closing the gap on that 😉 )   Here are some things that aren’t so awesome:   1)  NO SPACE, NO TIME – I would really love to try my hand at some large scale abstract paintings or just be able to experiment more with my art, but I have so many commissions and all my boards are always full. I don’t know if  that sounds like I am bragging, or complaining. I think I may be doing a bit of both. I am so excited and lucky to have steady work, even if it still barely pays the bills (I can only paint so many paintings a month and no one is going to pay $1000 for a painting of mine the last time I checked….YET 😉 ) Sometimes, I just have so many ideas in my head and things I want to tackle, but I don’t have the space or time to do it!   I am not trying to create art to sell, necessarily.  I actually haven’t had much luck selling originals for some reason.  I just want time to PLAY!  To paint something I pick out or just try some new techniques! I get lost on YouTube and Pinterest looking at other artists’ work when I should probably be painting, but I am always looking for inspiration or new techniques that I may be able to use to improve my art!  I love learning 2) GIVE MOMMY A MINUTE – what I always seem to be saying when I am “in the zone” to my 4 year old.  Yes, she needs to be able to entertain herself at times, which she does pretty good at, but I really feel like a horrible mom when I say this to her!  I am here, but not “here” sometimes…and it sucks.  You just never know when inspiration will hit! 3) SELF-MARKETING – How much is overkill???  I have to get my stuff out there and be seen (unfortunately I pay for that), but how much is too much?  I struggle with this often.  I also struggle with picking WAYS to market –  which have the best return, how much time will it take, who do I know to help me?  Does doing “free” work pay off or should I value myself more as an artist? 4)  CHARGE LESS AND SELL, OR CHARGE WHAT IT IS WORTH AND STARVE – I think all artists struggle with this.  Everyone wants to be paid for their talent, time and expertise.  Period.  Why does society view artists differently?  If...

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Liking 2015 already!

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  Starting the year off right! Came back from my holiday vacation to begin working on 11 paintings in the books. 17 NEW painting orders have been made so far in the first 5 days of January!   WHOA! Someone pinch me! I really hope I can keep this momentum up all year!  So many benefits! – painting makes me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY – meeting new customers and getting to work for former customers again, all exciting! – more work means I am able to make more donations to animal rescues – a little less stress on the wallet (and my hubby) – I get to continue to be there for my daughter 24/7…best feeling EVER! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  You all rock!   I am so excited about my upcoming Kickstarter project and already receiving LOTS of emails from excited customers who can’t wait to back the project!  YEEEEEE!  I already have 10 paintings for the book thanks to my Early Release Party SELLING OUT in 3 days!  Second Chances:  100 Rescued Pet Portraits in 100 Days, officially launches Feb. 15th and will only be live for 30 DAYS.  In that time, I have to meet my goal for the project to happen.  There will be limited EARLY BIRD SPECIALS and many more rewards for backing the project.  For more info about my project and a SNEAK PEEK, click HERE!   Here are a few pieces I have completed in the last 5-7 days, and some that are in progress.  Enjoy! FIRST PAINTING OF 2015!  Meet Collin!       Cheers! I really hope to be working with you in 2015!  Pass me your favorite photos so I can create a beautiful painting for you to cherish!                                    ...

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As I wait patiently on copies of my first Kickstarter project books to arrive… and wait, and wait… (update!  They finally arrived on the 31st!) I am already geared up to launch my second one!   This next collection of paintings and book will be dedicated to rescued animals.  I can’t wait to get started!   New commissions and previously painted portraits are welcome!  Paws, claws or hooves! The project will officially go live on February 15th for 30 days.  This is how Kickstarter works – In that 30 days I HAVE TO MEET MY GOAL of $500, or the project doesn’t happen.  I am setting my goal lower than my last project because I am hoping to fill these 10 early spots, thus giving me 10 paintings for the book towards the 100. To kick things off, I am having an EARLY RELEASE PARTY! 30% OFF my Kickstarter prices AND your rescued pet’s portrait in my next book! ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE!    First come, first served WHEN YOU SEE THIS PROMO POST ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE!   Here is what you get for backing early:  – a custom portrait of your rescued pet (hooves, paws or claws) – that portrait IN MY NEXT BOOK (20-30 pages filled with custom rescued pet portraits by me from the project and due out in August.  Don’t worry if I have already painted your rescued pet’s portrait.  There will be spaces in the book for those too, but you will have to wait for my project to launch to choose that $25 reward!) – a discount on a SIGNED softcover copy of the book ($30 vs $40 if you back my project and pledge that amount through Kickstarter.com once the project officially launches)   YOUR CHOICE of single figure sketch (one per customer): 1) 5 x 7 mixed media sketch / $50 2) 8 x 10 mixed media sketch / $75 3) 9 x 12 mixed media sketch / $100 *only $5 for shipping too!* WANT A CUSTOM PAINTING OF A PERSON OR PLACE (or maybe a pet who is not a rescue)?  No problem!  I HAVE 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE  FOR THE SAME SAVINGS!  Specials will end on Jan. 4th, or when sold out!   If you are curious as to what this Kickstarter business is all about, please take a look at my last project, Masterpiece Your Memories.  It was almost 400% funded in March 2014 and I had a wonderful time completing it (still waiting on the final books to get here so I can sign and mail out to my backers…a little shipping drama around the holidays was to be expected I guess).   Here is a preview (screen shot) of this upcoming project, and an EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES PEAK at the whole project, as it will look when it goes live.  CLICK HERE!  I am still working on the main video, so that is not up yet.  Feel free to leave me a comment, especially if you see any major grammatical errors!!!  They won’t show once the project goes live.  Please remember, I am still editing this!   I will have REWARDS from $1 to $1500, all discounted from my regular prices!    Hoping ALL my fans will be a part of my next Kickstarter project, even if you pledge $1 to show your support! It means a lot to me and the project is out there for the world to see… forever, if it is successful or not. So, obviously I would love lots and lots of support!     THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! CHEERS!          ...

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Thank you for another AMAZING year!

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December is always a CRAZY time of year – the holiday rush, summarizing records, shopping and wrapping gifts.  Whew!  I get tired just thinking about it!  Painting my last painting of the year, and getting through the holiday rush always makes me reflect. I have met so many new people, had so many “firsts”, and enjoyed every second of another year in my dream job. Here are a few fun facts from 2014: – I had over 50 NEW CUSTOMERS this year! – OVER 25 PAINTINGS WERE DONATED TO ANIMAL RESCUES THIS YEAR, working out to be over $2700 raised.  I think that may be my favorite stat! – My sales growth 16%.  Not to shabby! ( Don’t get too excited – my income still puts me below the poverty line, but money is not my main goal 😉 ) – Total paintings for 2014 was 173, up from 115 in 2013 – I painted an average of 14 paintings a month  in 2014 and the most I painted in a month was 26!!! – I had to say “no” to holiday orders for the first time EVER.  I hated that part.  Truly. – My Gift Certificate sales went up 90% as did my PRINT sales – My first Kickstarter project was 398% funded and 150% of that happened the  FIRST DAY it launched!  My fans are amazing.  Seriously.  Amazing. – I published my FIRST art book as a result of the Kickstarter project, Masterpiece Your Memories – I painted the largest painting to date – 18 x 22 inches AND I have an order for another that size in Jan.! – Most popular painting – LucyDoodle the Goldendoodle, who’s portrait has brought me 5 new customers and 4 art print sales.  Who knew???   COMING IN 2015 With the LO starting Kindergarten next year, I will have much more time to focus on my art and my customers!  However, I do dread the thought of her going to public school…being a recovering school teacher and all. – My next KICKSTARTER PROJECT!  Second Chances:  100 Rescued Pet Portraits in 100 Days, is set to launch February 15th!  The paintings from the project will be featured in a book of the same name! – a FANS ONLY RELEASE AND SALE to kickstart this project!  – A third Kickstarter Project – Sketch The World: 50 Custom Watercolor Travel Sketches in 50 Days is also coming!  I will also be creating a book with all the paintings from the project.  That one is set to launch Sept. 1! – More fun things to purchase with my paintings on them including mugs, note cards and pillows! – If you are anywhere near me I will also be doing WINE & WATERCOLOR parties.   Watercolor painting classes with a group of your friends, wine and lots of great prizes and host rewards! – Less and less of me on Facebook.  This is not by choice.  They are destroying small businesses who are not willing to pay astronomical marketing fees ($50-100 a day).  Please look for me on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, ETSY, Google + and LinkedIn if you want to keep up with my art!  I really hope to keep interacting with my fans somehow.   THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT. Every time you spend a second to view, like, comment on, or share my art, I am grateful.  Have a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate or even if you don’t! CHEERS!   – Shaina              ...

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Sometimes Magic Happens

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I recently received a commission for another travel sketch from a return customer.  I painted the St. Lucia scene for her a while back, and love how it turned out.  This new painting was to be of Italy.  Rome, specifically. I was VERY excited to paint anything in Rome, having visited myself. The photo she gave me of the Roman Ruins was nothing spectacular – odd angle,  heavy on one side, the contrast between different structures was not great so they all kinda blended together. The dark, shadowy areas did pull my eyes around the photo.  That was a plus, but I honestly didn’t see the “star” quality in the photo, even though I LOVED the subject. However, my job at times requires me to make seemingly dull photos into AMAZING art!  So, that is what I was going to try to do. I had to capture some of that grandeur, strength, beauty and power that IS Rome. I also had to convey a bit of the feelings I know I had looking onto these same ruins.  Small.  That is how you feel around everything in Rome while you try to take everything in, totally in awe.   I did do a bit of planning. I knew I would have to change or enhance the colors in the photo to make certain structures stand out.  I also knew that my pens were going to give the impression of details this painting would need.  Believe me, I had no intention of drawing every stone in those arches or every leaf in those Corinthian columns.  This was a sketch.  I wanted it to stay true to that, so I did the ink work rather fast not spending a lot of time to perfect any one area. The REAL work was going to be with the contrasting colors.  I made sure to pull out the blues and rose colors in the arched building, the burnt sienna/orange tones in the background buildings, and the turquoise/purple shades in the columns. Then, magic happened. Slowly, it started to pop!  Amazingly, no one structure was overwhelming!  It was nicely balanced. I think I may have actually done a little happy dance/cheer at that point while my cats stared at me in confusion.  Yeah.  It is pure madness around here. 😉    ‘Last Days In Rome’ – 11 x 14, mixed media sketch on YUPO paper I have to admit, I am rather proud of the outcome.  It all just came together better than expected.  The reference photo had better composition than I initially thought. Here is the making of ‘Last Days in Rome’ – a 6 second Vine video from sketch to done. You will see I sketched the fence after the path wasn’t working without it and also changed the sky color.   This sketch is to be a Christmas gift for the commissioner’s mom, who shot this photo on her recent trip to Italy.  I hope she loves it as much as I do!   I am even going to have a print made for my own wall. Well, are you inspired to commission your own travel sketch yet???? I would love to paint your adventures!   I still have a few spots left on my holiday order list if you are thinking about gifts for friends and family!  Email me ASAP!  You can find all of my contact info here on my website! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE AMAZING SUPPORT! I have some wonderful fans who constantly interact on my Facebook page and share my work! I am...

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Every once is a while, a commission comes through that really pulls at the heart strings and is so much more powerful than a little paint on paper. This is one of those. It is about a child who was taken too early by a rare disease when she was 7 yrs. old.  I had the privilege of painting a special moment in Robyn’s life and this is how her family wants to remember her.   In the words of the commissioner, Robyn’s aunt, ‘She was such an amazing spirit!  She touched a lot of people’s lives in her short stay on earth.  People all over knew who Robyn was.  This photo captured a moment in her life with her parents where she was free and happy!  She had been through so much in her life – over 30 seizures a day at some points, 3 brain surgeries, medication that made her gain weight and made her upset.  She passed away in her sleep and they think it was due to a seizure.’ Amanda also came up with this touching title.  I love it. I actually painted this scene back in July, right around the time of my own daughter’s 4th birthday.  It was hard, and I found my self playing the ‘what if’ game a lot while working on this portrait…being overwhelmed with sadness at times, and smiling to myself at others because of the joy just radiating through this scene. I know lots of parents say, ‘I don’t know if I could survive losing a child’. But, many do. They find the strength and the happy memories to get them through day by day I guess. That is what this whole family seems to have done, and this shadow box is one way they are preserving Robyn’s memory. I really enjoyed working with Amanda on this painting and getting to hear Robyn’s story.  I want this family, and many others to know just how honored I am to be able to capture their moments, loved ones, feelings, memories, and/or history for them.   A little piece of me goes into every painting I create, and a little piece of each painting goes into me. I am forever changed.   Art. Is. Powerful. Whether it causes a simple smile for a few seconds out of your day, or evokes deep emotions and thought – art is powerful.     *Robyn’s mom, also has a business named after her daughter, Once Upon A Robyn’s Nest.  She creates chemical free, organic skin care...

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