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WHEW!  What an intense 30 days!!!!   I am very grateful for my friends, family, fan and customer base who helped make my latest Kickstarter project a HUGE SUCCESS! I CAN’T WAIT TO START PAINTING YOUR RESCUED PETS STARTING APRIL 1! After all the stress of running a campaign, advertising, marketing, emailing, messaging, making videos, and all the other things that go with having a successful Kickstarter project, I am taking off until I start officially working on the project. Kinda. I couldn’t help but start on my next project idea because I finally have the brain space to...

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Ambition – gift and curse

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THE DEFINITION OF AMBITION – a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.   Let me go ahead and preface this blog with a THANK YOU TO ALL MY SUPPORTERS!  Whether you interact on my page, share my work, commission my art, have backed this project (and/or the last) – I AM GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF YOU.  Without you, I wouldn’t be painting at all.    That being said, I am a tad competitive (especially with myself) when it comes to…..well, everything.   My last Kickstarter project reached $5966 with 57 backers,...

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Less than 48 HOURS!!!

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Less than 48 HOURS until my second Kickstarter project GOES LIVE!!!! I am already nervous.  Not as nervous as when I hit the “launch” button because then it is real. What if I don’t get many backers. What if I don’t get ANY backers? How many of my fans even know what Kickstarter is??? What if I don’t reach my goal and I am on Kickstarter FOREVER labeled “UNSUCCESSFUL”?! Basically, What if I FAIL???  Let’s not let that happen! You guys are AMAZING as my marketing team, and well, this is marketing.  The 10% of my funds that Kickstarter and Amazon...

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I have come to realize that I am a storyteller in many ways, and I help bring memories to life through watercolor. Every once in a while a commission comes along that will never be forgotten.  Ever. This is about one of those. Cyndy contacted me when I ran the huge sale for 30% off during my Kickstarter Early Release Party.  Ten lucky people could get in on the action early and get their rescued pet painted and included in the upcoming book.  She wanted a portrait of their sweet rescued cat, Henri.  As we chatted over email deciding on which photo to use, I learned more about her family. ...

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So many things I LOVE about my job now –  I don’t have to get dressed to go to the office, I have an endless supply of hot coffee on hand all day, I get to be there for my daughter always and I never miss a school performance or pay day because she is sick, I can have a glass of wine on the job, the network of creative people I am now a part of ROCKS, my job IS my therapy, blaring 80’s hair band music is totally allowed at the office,  I don’t have a limited amount of sick days or vacation, I can get to the bank and the post office before they close and the grocery...

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Liking 2015 already!

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  Starting the year off right! Came back from my holiday vacation to begin working on 11 paintings in the books. 17 NEW painting orders have been made so far in the first 5 days of January!   WHOA! Someone pinch me! I really hope I can keep this momentum up all year!  So many benefits! – painting makes me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY – meeting new customers and getting to work for former customers again, all exciting! – more work means I am able to make more donations to animal rescues – a little less stress on the wallet (and my hubby) – I get to continue to...

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As I wait patiently on copies of my first Kickstarter project books to arrive… and wait, and wait… (update!  They finally arrived on the 31st!) I am already geared up to launch my second one!   This next collection of paintings and book will be dedicated to rescued animals.  I can’t wait to get started!   New commissions and previously painted portraits are welcome!  Paws, claws or hooves! The project will officially go live on February 15th for 30 days.  This is how Kickstarter works – In that 30 days I HAVE TO MEET MY GOAL of $500, or the project doesn’t...

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Thank you for another AMAZING year!

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December is always a CRAZY time of year – the holiday rush, summarizing records, shopping and wrapping gifts.  Whew!  I get tired just thinking about it!  Painting my last painting of the year, and getting through the holiday rush always makes me reflect. I have met so many new people, had so many “firsts”, and enjoyed every second of another year in my dream job. Here are a few fun facts from 2014: – I had over 50 NEW CUSTOMERS this year! – OVER 25 PAINTINGS WERE DONATED TO ANIMAL RESCUES THIS YEAR, working out to be over $2700 raised.  I think that may be my...

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Sometimes Magic Happens

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I recently received a commission for another travel sketch from a return customer.  I painted the St. Lucia scene for her a while back, and love how it turned out.  This new painting was to be of Italy.  Rome, specifically. I was VERY excited to paint anything in Rome, having visited myself. The photo she gave me of the Roman Ruins was nothing spectacular – odd angle,  heavy on one side, the contrast between different structures was not great so they all kinda blended together. The dark, shadowy areas did pull my eyes around the photo.  That was a plus, but I honestly didn’t see...

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Every once is a while, a commission comes through that really pulls at the heart strings and is so much more powerful than a little paint on paper. This is one of those. It is about a child who was taken too early by a rare disease when she was 7 yrs. old.  I had the privilege of painting a special moment in Robyn’s life and this is how her family wants to remember her.   In the words of the commissioner, Robyn’s aunt, ‘She was such an amazing spirit!  She touched a lot of people’s lives in her short stay on earth.  People all over knew who Robyn was.  This photo...

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