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More project updates for all my fabulous Kickstarter backers, or anyone else who is following along with Second Chances.

I had another jam packed week with my LO’s b-day party and lots of guests, but I will be back to work in full swing tomorrow to finish up the last 2 paintings on my table (would be one, but I miscounted, as explained below), and complete the book!

Here is the final count of portraits.  I would like to apologize for apparently not being about to count.  I thought I had 58 total portraits to paint for the project.  A few late add-ins after the project ended must have tripped me up.  You will be glad to know there are MORE paintings than initially thought.

76 total rescued pet portraits will be featured in the book

  • 15 are previously painted portraits
  • 61 have been painted since April, specifically for the project

The book will be 38 pages long.  For the sake of design, I had to add a few more pages.  30-35 just wasn’t going to cut it.  That is also a plus for you!  For anyone who did not back my project and/or order a book, they will be for sale through as soon as completed!  The cost for a softcover version will be about $30.  If you want A SIGNED COPY, you can order through me for $35.  Just email me for info! (

Here is what I have been up to this week:

Aero and Tyler WM

Bella and Stinky! WM


Dexter! WM      Potter! WM


Lainie! WM

Filemon! WM

Ruby WM   Moki

As promised!  Pics of the book in progress!

Book design is complete and spaces left for the 3 final portrait pics I need to add. I am finishing up a few fine details and then I’m done!

I can only take shots of my laptop, since the program I use is on there.

Here is the cover and a few of the pages!  The inside pages will be dark grey – ignore the purple, that is only for me to see the page borders.  You can see the rest of the pages off to the left.  I only have a few more titles to drop in and bits to finish in the “About Me” and “Thank You” sections.





Hope you are enjoying the updates!We don’t have many to go and you will soon have a signed copy of the book in your hands (for those that ordered them).Can’t wait!