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Art is made to be shared

I am constantly trying to reach people of all walks of life, and convince them that they need to own at least one piece of original art.   I have converted lots of people who are now regular customers.  Mission accomplished!

As for the rest of you – I’m still trying 🙂

When most people hear the words “original art”, the next thought they probably have is, “I can’t afford original art”.  In my effort to reach and convert everyone, I am making sure I can create custom art for EVERY budget.

Also know that 20% of MY net INCOME GOES TO ANIMAL RESCUES around the country!  Doing my part to give back by donating custom paintings to rescue auctions almost monthly. 


MY LATEST ADDITIONS – simple pen and ink sketches with a splatter of watercolor on YUPO paper.  I am also thinking of ordering some colored pens, and sketching in a solid color!  Could be fun!

Of course, this has my wheels turning and I am  rolling around ideas for my next project based on these new sketches.  Hoping to get something together by Feb, so if you are thinking about ordering you may want to wait until then – I will have lots of deals.  Plus, your sketch could be part of my next book or calendar.

These will start at $20 for a 4 x 6!

Intro prices for a limited time!

sketch blog4

(You can find a full list of all of my styles, sizes and prices on my ‘Commissioning a Painting’ page)

I am beginning with only PET PORTRAITS, but as soon as I get some examples, I will offer people and places!

sketch blog3

sketch blog2

These are fun, quick sketches that make meaningful, unique gifts!  Did I mention that they were amazingly priced???



If more color is your style, but you still like the sketchiness of pen and ink, you can step up to one of my MIXED MEDIA SKETCHES (pen and ink sketch with watercolor on YUPO paper).

These start at $40 for a 4 x 6.


MM blog

Want the FULL WATERCOLOR EXPERIENCE?   My full watercolors have much more depth, detail, broader color palette, and more time is spent to create each one.

These start at $150 for an 8 x 10


full ex blog

Here is a side-by-side reference of ALL THREE STYLES.

Compare pic


If I haven’t already, let me convert YOU!  And please, think about GIVING THE GIFT OF ART!  Share, share, share!

Start small if you like, or go for the gold with a full watercolor painting of your pet, family, or travels!

My list for January is already full, and I am also working to finish up all of the travel sketches for my latest project on, Sketch The World.  If you have an event coming up that you would like a custom painting to give, the sooner you get on my order list, the better!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT!  This holiday season has been amazing, as has the entire year!  I couldn’t do this without all of my fans and customers!


– 175 paintings commissioned and completed

– 33 paintings donated to animal rescues

– TWO successful Kickstarter projects and two (soon to be three) published art books under my belt, thanks to many generous fans

– lots of new customers and loyal “old” ones!  I love you all!